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Humans of Gen Con: Entrepreneurs’ Avenue

Interesting People Encountered at Gen Con

The Exhibit Hall at Gen Con Indy is a bit smaller this year, with some of the usual faces not able to attend, but more than 350 companies have set up booths in the hall, and more than 80 of them are first-time exhibitors.

Our man on the street met some of the folks exhibiting at Gen Con for the first time in Entrepreneurs’ Avenue, a section of the Exhibit Hall reserved for new exhibitors.


This is Brian (left) from Raleigh, North Carolina.

At his booth, One Method Monkey (booth 2335), he’s showcasing several games, including Hero’s Crossing — a dice-drafting and engine-building game featuring pixelated imagery where players run a town and sell supplies to passing adventurers in an RPG universe — and Knockout Punch, a platform-based brawler inspired by Smash Bros. and classic fighting video games.

Hey Cutie (pictured below) is a goofy, set-collecting card game dating simulator emphasizing diversity. Shoot your shot with your crush while trying to sabotage your rivals!


This is James from Dayton, Ohio.

At Arkenforge Tabletop (booth 2459), he’s showing Master’s Toolkit, a program that projects maps, sounds, and encyclopedic data into your gaming area to enhance your RPG session.

You can even turn your TV screen into a game board (pictured below). Master’s Toolkit is compatible with all third-party digital products/assets, even your own homemade digital game augmenters!

Learn more at


This is Tyler from Jacksonville, Florida.

In booth 2558, he’s showing Danger the Game, a card game that seeks to be a gateway to TTRPGs, pushing players to think laterally and get into the headspace to play RPGs. One player is given a “Danger” scenario card while the others use their cards to try and rescue the endangered player before the others. Cards are written with the intention of being open-ended, with room for creativity, wordplay, and embellishment.


This Jarrett is from Baltimore, Maryland.

He’s showing products at the Dice Dungeons booth (2557). Dice Dungeons makes the type of RPG gear they would want at their table — stuff to make your game come to life. Their latest products are Quest Decks, genre-based decks of side-quests meant to be playable with any TTRPG. They also have a new line of beautiful sea-glass dice (below) exclusive to Gen Con and Kickstarter.

Ryan Opalk
Ryan Opalk

Photographer at Gen Con