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Humans of Gen Con: Saturday

Interesting People Encountered at Gen Con

With Gen Con Indy 2021 in full swing as the weekend began, attendees spent time on Saturday browsing and shopping in the Exhibit Hall, trying out new games, and meeting up with friends old and new.

Our man on the street met some of the folks attending and asked them about their Gen Con experience.


This is Larry from North Vernon, Indiana.

He picked up RPGs while in the Army and has been attending Gen Con since 2007. Larry collects out-of-print wargames like Space Opera and Traveler.


This is Joules from outside Washington, D.C.

She’s attending Gen Con to try to support new games developed during the pandemic, specifically Gangs of the Undercity, a cyberpunk minis game.

Joules has been gaming for 20 years and attending Gen Con for three. She loves the inclusivity of gaming and Gen Con’s communities.

Katie, Cass & Crocket

This is Katie, Cass, and Crockett (left to right) from Lebanon, Indiana.

Shown here setting up a game of Tentacle Tantrum, Katie and Crocket are attending Gen Con for the fifth time, bringing Cass for the third time — Cass first attended Gen Con at eight months old.!

They’re excited about everything, especially that Gen Con is happening at all! Their favorites are Ticket to Ride, Hungry Hungry Hippos, and the new game Dungeon Drop. They highlighted how inclusive and safe the convention feels.


This is Brenda from Champaign, Illinois.

She’s worked at the Games Library ever since Gen Con moved to Indianapolis. Her favorite thing about the convention is seeing her second family. Brenda’s favorite game is Firefly, and she’s excited to try the Taco Bell game and the Goonies game from Funko.

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Ryan Opalk
Ryan Opalk

Photographer at Gen Con