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Entrepreneurs’ Avenue at Gen Con Indy

The Newest Exhibitors in the Gen Con Indy Exhibit Hall

Looking for new Exhibitors at Gen Con? Entrepreneurs’ Avenue is a dedicated spot in the Exhibit Hall for some of the companies who will be exhibiting with us for the very first time. These companies have come from around the world to share their games, products, and stories with you. Stop by to demo hot new games, discover up-and-coming publishers, and help us welcome some of the best and brightest newcomers to the tabletop gaming industry! 

Companies Exhibiting in Entrepreneurs’ Avenue

25th Century Games 2455 
Alex W Draws 2458 
Arkenforge 2459 
Cosmodrome Games 2329 
Dice Dungeons 2557 
Elf Creek Games 2561 
Game Brewer 2462 
Hero: Tales of the Tomes 2333 
Mid Level Meeple 2556 
Mobo Games 2560 
Naomi VanDoren (Program Book Artist) 2331 
Nation & Cannons 2461 
One Method Monkey 2335 
Origami Whale 2558 
Pops & Bejou Games 2457 
Runaway Parade Games 2456 
Skytear (PvP Geeks) 2337 
*Marketing Fellows in bold 

Marketing Fellows

We award Marketing Fellowships to a handful of the top applicants from Entrepreneur’s Avenue each year. These fellowships afford the selected companies highlighted exposure and expanded booth space. 

25th Century Games 

25th Century Games is a tabletop publisher focused on making approachable games with family-friendly themes and accessible designs. Whether you are new to the hobby or an experienced gamer, their games provide the right level of complexity with easy-to-learn rules and fun gameplay brought to life through beautiful art and quality components.  

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Cosmodrome Games 

Cosmodrome Games is an international board game publisher founded in 2011. As a team of dedicated perfectionists, they are crazy about what they do and their games are all about atmosphere, fun, and joy. Cosmodrome Games has more than 45 board games released all around the world in the US, European, and Asian markets.  

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Dice Dungeons

Dice Dungeons is an RPG accessory company based in Baltimore, Maryland. They strive to make tabletop gaming more fun and more accessible for everyone, from the newest player to seasoned veterans. From unique dice to new and interesting content for game masters, they’re constantly innovating and finding new products to make your RPG gaming more exciting! 

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Elf Creek Games 

Elf Creek Games publishes games that bring excitement and wonder to families, dedicated gamers, and those new to the table. Their titles feature engaging themes, beautiful art and design, interesting gameplay, and game pieces that are a joy to use. 

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Steeped Games 

Starting in 2019, Steeped Games has sold over 15,000 copies of their tea board game, Chai!  They’re an energetic bunch who are passionate about creating memorable, immersive board games. While their core members are rooted in Canada, their talented artists reside worldwide. 

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