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Humans of Gen Con: Trade Day

Interesting People Encountered at Gen Con

Gen Con Indy kicked 2021 off on Wednesday with the opening of Will Call, the release of Sun King’s Official Beer on Georgia Street, and the retailer-focused portion of Trade Day.

Our man on the street met some interesting folks attending Trade Day, Gen Con’s program for educators, professors, graduate students, librarians, and retailers. Trade Day is designed to provide hands-on training, share research, network, and participate in professional development opportunities through a day of seminars, demonstrations, and events.

Daniel & Edgardo

This is Daniel (left) and Edgardo (right) from Puerto Rico! These aspiring retailers are attending Trade Day to get new ideas. Their favorite games are Sagrada and Viticulture. Daniel makes custom game component mods.


This is Carol from Seattle! She runs an online store that sells game accessory upgrades. She’s a big fan of the game Canvas recently. Carol is attending Trade Day to find what new games might have upgradeable components and to make contacts.

Check out Carol’s store at

Ryan Opalk
Ryan Opalk

Photographer at Gen Con