Meet our mascot: Genevieve the Dragon! She’s full of ancient wisdom and will serve as your guide on your Gen Con adventure.

Throughout the ages, sages and wanderers have told tales of the Red Dragon, but it was only last year that her sacred name was revealed to us through the divine augury of a poll on social media.

Genevieve has a mischievous nature; she often plays a minor yet crucial role in heroic quests, showing up at just the right time with a magical gift or a mysterious clue that makes all the difference. Borne aloft on red wings, driven across the sky on bracing winds of change, entering the skyline from beyond the jagged mountaintops as if emerging from an elder world: Genevieve’s appearance in your life signals a call to adventure.

Stories about Genevieve:

Tales of the Red Dragon, Part One

Excerpted from the Book of Genevieve, compiled by Monseigneur Vernon Armino of Balfort Abbey. Passage from the logbook of the merchant ship Rainshadow: Day 4. At sea— No sight of land in two days now, though we should be just off the coast. The fog is so thick. There looks to be a storm brewing…