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Arcane Wonders Brings Call of Duty, World of Wonders, and more to Indy 2023

Visit Arcane Wonders at Booth 529 this year to checkout some recent additions, hot new exclusive releases, and preview our newest game: Call of Duty the Board Game at Gen Con 2023!  

Our featured release this year is World Wonders. Take on the role of the great leaders of the past to build your own ancient city! Featuring beautiful wooden monuments and an easy to learn tile placement system, we are excited to bring this game exclusively to Gen Con this year before the full release during the 2023 holidays. You can check out the Dice Tower’s look at World Wonders here.

But like an infomercial of the past would say – that’s not all! New at Gen Con, ahead of a late 2023 release, come both Neotopia and Age of Wonders: Planetfall.  

In Neotopia players are part of a team building a futuristic city focused on the fields of Energy, Technology, Community and Sustainable food. Try to build the most harmonious city possible, as this will be vital not only for the residents, but also your final score! Balance is the key in this pattern building game.  

The heyday of the Star Union has come to an end. Massive Gravity-Bombs designed to create spatial rifts to new worlds have led to the Collapse, and many planets were cut off from the rest of the Empire. This is where you come in as a Commander of one of the six surviving groups in Age of Wonders: Planetfall. Based on the video game of the same name, players will gain points over 7 rounds by defeating Units, studying new Technology, claiming Landmarks, and running Operations on planets.    

We are also excited to be showcasing Call of Duty: The Board Game in room ICC 125 this year! Come by and check out a demo in our special Call of Duty room. Events are open to sign-up now to reserve your spot ahead of time here. Bringing the acclaimed video game to the tabletop, this game will immerse players in intense competitive combat using iconic Operators. This will be your chance to try out the game while it is live on Kickstarter (Launching August 1, 2023) and even participate in our special tournament on Saturday at the show!

All of this and more await you this year at Gen Con from Arcane Wonders. Also featured will be plenty of copies on hand of our recent releases such as Furnace: Interbellum, Dubious and GAP.   We can’t wait to see everyone there!

Robert Geistlinger
Arcane Wonders