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Kittens vs Corgis Creator Justine Coven Q&A

Kittens vs Corgis is the perfect game for families, parties, or just sitting down for a casual game session. Before its release, learn a bit more about the game, the inspiration, and what’s next for this epic battle of pet domination from its creator, Justine Coven.

Kittens vs Corgis. An adorable name and an interesting concept. Where did the inspiration for all of this come from?

Pet Domination: Kittens vs Corgis is based on my cat and a corgi I used to own. I had to create a card game for a class I was taking, and figured I would enjoy making a game about my pets the most. I based the game on their relationship where even though they loved each other a lot, they always had to try and get the most attention from me. It reminded me of how social media can be a battle for popularity and attention, so I decided to combine the two concepts together to make a game based on pet influencers.

Kittens vs Corgis

What does the basic structure of gameplay look like?

Kittens vs Corgis is a fast-paced, high interaction, take-that style game that is easy to learn as you play. You play the game as either a Kitten influencer or a Corgi influencer, and the goal is to get the most Followers by the end of the game. You’ll see Follower counts in the upper left-hand corner of each card, and you’ll keep adding up the number of Followers that you collect. To gain even more Followers, you can Attack other players to steal their Followers. Some Attacks will make your opponents have to discard their Followers. To protect yourself from Attacks, you can use Defense cards. If you get lucky, you’ll even get some Attack + Defense combo cards which will Attack players that Attack you. When you start the game, you start out as the Underdog version of your pet influencer. Once you gain at least 7 million Followers, you become the Fat Cat version of your character. The base game is a 2 – 5 player game and takes around 20 – 40 minutes to play a round.

Kittens vs Corgis Card Fan

What was the biggest challenge in bringing this concept to life?

The biggest challenge that I have faced while bringing Kittens vs Corgis to life is the fact that despite my game being based on social media, I am an introvert and personally very bad at using social media. It has definitely made marketing much more difficult for me. Despite having worked on the game for over four years, I haven’t been able to grow much online with how hesitant I am with having a social media presence.

Kittens vs Corgis Box

What part of this game are you most excited about?

I haven’t seen many social media type tabletop games, so I’m excited to bring something new to the table. I think players will enjoy the fast-paced game play that showcases how brutal social media popularity can be. I can’t wait for players to battle it out with their friends and families to see which pet comes out on top. Even though Kittens vs Corgis is made to be easy to learn for all ages, it can also be played strategically. The better you know the cards, the more competitive a game it can be. I’m also super excited for players to see the adorable artwork created by @fluffu.arts. I spent a long time trying to find the right artist to work with, and I know players will fall in love with her artwork.

Kittens vs Corgis Box Back

What does the future of Kittens vs. Corgis look like? Where can we expect to see you in the near future?

Currently, Kittens vs Corgis is only available to ship in the United States, but I plan to expand the game to ship internationally next year. I also have several more games planned with the characters from Kittens vs Corgis, along with some expansion packs featuring new pets. The first new expansion pack, “No Mercy” will be available starting next year. We are also showcasing Kittens vs Corgis at a few more conventions this year. The next show coming up that we’ll be at is Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX, followed by Cleveland Gaming Classic in Cleveland, OH, and then BGG.Con in Dallas, TX.

Pet Domination: Kittens vs Corgis is now available for pre-order.