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What Do Angry Chickens Have To Do With Miniature Wargaming? Conquest’s Con-Exclusive Has the Answer!

We have known Para Bellum’s Conquest to grimly twist familiar fantasy tropes. This year, they may have outdone themselves with the most bizarrely compelling con-exclusive yet! Taking humble poultry and turning them into nightmarish minis and deadly encounters, Conquest’s con-exclusive Angry Chickens are coming to Gen Con 2023! These insatiable fowls are not only the thing collectors didn’t know they needed, they are also a game within a game, as the two-chicken box includes rules for a multiplayer special scenario using the skirmish ruleset of Conquest: First Blood!

Apart from devilish, exclusive hens, Conquest is expected to come out with guns blazing – or, rather, swords ringing – in Gen Con 2023, with new releases available and hosting events across the board. For those who need no introduction to the latest rules updates, a two-day, 2.000-point tournament of the “Last Argument of Kings” will take place on Friday and Saturday, while Thursday hosts a Casual Play event of “First Blood.” But to support the release of the newest version of their rulesets, new and existing players alike will have the opportunity to play with Para Bellum’s team, learning the ropes of the newest versions and how to best utilize their forces to form formidable armies.

These ‘Learn to Play’ events will take place on Thursday and Sunday, for the mass combat, rank and file game of “Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings” and for the skirmish-style “Conquest: First Blood,” respectively. Players will have the opportunity to see their new minis on the table and learn not only how to play, but also how to best utilize their forces, as event tickets include not only participation, but also a Two Player Start Set. So, don’t miss out and get your tickets now! If you want to expand on your Two Player Starter Sets, or if you simply want to dive into a faction not included in the Two Player Sets, fret not! All brand new One Player Starter Sets will also be available at Para Bellum’s booth, one for each faction released to date. Apart from a robust start for your new army, these sets also include both rulesets, so you can play both games with the same miniatures!

For those that have been living under a resin terrain rock, Para Bellum’s miniature wargames of ‘Conquest’ may remain a surprise. Conquest has now been around for four years, steadily growing both its product line and its audience. It already boasts seven factions, with a new one joining the fray every year so far. It offers free rules and army lists for two game systems (the rank and file “Last Argument of Kings” and the Skirmish “First Blood”), both of which can be played with the same line of minis. It has an interactive lore storyline – set in its gritty fantasy world that twists familiar tropes – where the community votes on decisions made by in-world characters, through the Living World platform. It even recently released an absolutely free army builder app! Conquest has been a not-so quiet rising power in the gaming world and if you didn’t know until now, after this year’s show you will have no excuse! Once the gates are open, visit Conquest at booth 565!

Be sure to stop by Para Bellum’s booth at Gen Con Indy 2023, and visit their website to see all of their great products.