Gen Con News Partner Post

Modiphius Entertainment Launches New “Dreams and Machines” IP at Gen Con 2023

Modiphius is incredibly excited to announce that we’ll be attending Gen Con. Find us at booth 3053 this year where you’ll be able to chat with the team, learn more about our lines, and purchase that book or miniature you’ve been keeping your eyes on!

Gen Con will see the launch of our newest in-house IP, Dreams and Machines, along with the highly anticipated “play out-of-the-box” starter set. Upon visiting the Modiphius booth, you can delve into the world of Evera Prime within a gorgeous area dedicated to Dreams and Machines. Here you’ll be able to pick up a copy of the Starter Set and learn more about the setting by talking to our cosplayers on the booth (Alicia Marie, Brianna DeCoster and Andrew J Alandy).

“A vast distance from Earth, a human colony bearing the scars of a self-inflicted apocalypse survives on the distant world of Evera Prime. In the shadow of ruined megacities humanity rebuilds, scavenging technology from the Old World and returning to a simpler way of life.

Among the mountains and valleys of New Mossgrove, the mechs of the Old World dot the landscape, deadly tools of a corrupt A.I.. Since the war that finally defeated the machines, they have been locked in a slumber that’s lasted hundreds of years — but occasionally, they awaken, and when they do, these ‘Wakers’ continue their programming to wreak havoc across the world”

Interested in playing Dreams and Machines? We will be running games at Gen Con where you’ll be able to experience the new streamlined version of the 2d20 system for the very first time. We can’t wait for you to experience it yourself.

In addition to the launch of Dreams and Machines, we’ll also have our newest books from some of our beloved RPG lines available.

Winter of Atom, the first supplement for Fallout: The Roleplaying Game will be making its first appearance on our shelves. With a huge 248 pages of content to discover, Winter of Atom’s themes include exploring frozen wastelands, harsh winter survival, building relationships with communities, explosive action against terrifying monsters, high-stakes warfare against a relentless foe, and weird and unexplainable supernatural horrors.

We’ll also be showing off our latest venture from the Star Trek Universe – the action-packed book of chaotic fun – Lower Decks Campaign Guide. 

The Star Trek: Lower Decks Campaign Guide expands upon the core Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game experience by providing detailed advice on creating junior officers and using them to tell amazing Star Trek-style stories with the fun, irreverent tone presented in Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Whether you’re cleaning holodeck biofilters, conducting an anomaly consolidation day, participating in a second contact, or enjoying some well-earned Buffer Time, there’s always something new to encounter and learn, both within the universe and yourself and your fellow crewmates.

We can’t wait to see you at our booth (3053), join us for all of the fun and games!