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Avalon Hill is Returning to Gen Con

That’s right, gamers! Avalon Hill will be back at Gen Con in 2023 with more excitement to share, again taking up residence in Hall D.

Last year was the first appearance at Gen Con for the Avalon Hill team, and the crowd made us feel so incredibly welcome we just had to come back. We’ve planned events, contests, and even a tournament for the early 2023 release, Dungeons & Dragons: The Yawning Portal! So let’s take a closer look at the fun to be had at the Avalon Hill booth.

Die-hard HeroQuest fans will be excited to see the latest expansion, Rise of the Dread Moon, in our display case. This expansion is the first original quest pack for HeroQuest in 30 years and continues the story set up in the previous expansion, Mage of the Mirror. In addition, our HeroQuest events will feature an original quest designed to set up the story of Rise of the Dread Moon – perhaps you’ll encounter some recognizable foes! And who knows what other HeroQuest news will be wandering around our booth…

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Dungeon & Dragons: The Yawning Portal is an early 2023 release that was first shown to the public at Gen Con 2022, and this year it’s back with an exciting tournament! Up to thirty-two competitors will face off on Friday afternoon and play up to three sessions of The Yawning Portal, with the top eight players returning on Saturday afternoon for the semi-final and final matches. Make sure to sign up soon, as spots are limited!

Another title that was shown at Gen Con 2022 was the 3rd edition of Betrayal at House on the Hill. One of the major changes in this latest edition is the use of scenario cards during set up to introduce the story and help players understand why their characters have entered the titular house. These scenario cards also make it easier for us to expand the world of the game, which fans may have noticed with the release of Betrayal: The Werewolf’s Journey, Blood on the Moon, an expansion that adds a new player character harboring a dark secret. Will there be more coming for this popular series? You’ll have to stop by our booth to find out!

Finally, we’re excited to share a new title for Avalon Hill this year – RISK Strike. RISK is a classic American board game, one that for many was their first taste of strategy gaming. RISK Strike takes the fun and excitement of RISK and distills it down to a thrilling card game experience that takes 30 minutes to play! Form and break alliances, crush your foes, and dominate the world by playing the right cards at the right time while fighting battles using familiar dice mechanics from the board game. It’s easy to pick up, and we’ll be showcasing demos throughout the entire convention.

With so many thrilling titles on display at Gen Con, we know many of you will want to get your hands on these games. Last year was a great experience, but many of you had one big question for us: WHERE CAN I BUY YOUR GAMES? Our final bit of good news is that we will be selling select titles at our booth this year through our Hasbro Pulse partners! Make sure to stop by early, as we’ll have limited quantities available each day. Or if you’d like to try out our games before you buy, there are still some event tickets remaining – you can find a full list of our events here.

For more information on Avalon Hill and their games, visit their website, and give them a follow on Twitter.