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Come Check Out these New Releases at Gen Con 2023

Hello from Flat River Group! We are excitedly counting down the days to Gen Con 2023! We’ve got some exciting new releases that we will be rolling out at the show, so be sure to visit our booths (1321, 1429, & 1521) and event rooms (140 & 141).

Redwood by Sit Down! Games

At the fringes of a wild landscape, nature-loving photographers travel great distances and flex infinite patience to immortalize animals in their natural habitat. In search of harmony, these trailblazers compose sumptuous shots that depict the marvels they encounter during their wanderings.

Dazzle your audience by demonstrating your wildlife photography talents. Create a magnificent panorama; flaunt your skill by including a great diversity of flora and fauna in your shots; and at the end of the game, be the player with the most harmony points.

Tokaido Duo by Funforge Games

Discover the island of Shikoku in Tokaido Duo. Each player controls three different characters who all have their own objectives as they traverse the island. Play as the merchant who travels between mountain villages and coastal towns as they buy and sell the goods of Shikoku. Play as the painter who paints beautiful scenery and then gifts their art to the people of the island. Lastly, play as the Pilgrim whose goal it is to see as many of the island’s locales as possible. Gain more victory points than the other player and win Tokaido Duo!

Pyramido by Synapses Games

Pharaoh Mino is dead, and the throne falls to his son: Pharaoh Mido. Mido, dissatisfied with the appearance of the pyramid in which his father was buried, is concerned about his own legacy. He wants his tomb to perfectly reflect his majesty and has decreed that 2-4 architects must build jewel-encrusted pyramids. 

In Pyramido, players try to build the most impressive pyramid possible tile-by-tile. The architect who succeeds will be named Vizier and will have unimaginable wealth and powers.

Purrfect Match by Greater Than Games

Your brand-new cat cafe is about to open, and you have almost everything in place…. but you need more cats! To have truly the best cafe, you know you need a diverse assortment of felines. In Purrfect Match, collect a set of each type of cat, and work against your fellow cafe owners by playing mischief! 

Gather your cats, attract patrons, and don’t be afraid of a little feline mischief … after all, it’s all for the greater good of helping the patrons of your cafe find the Purrfect Match!

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