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March Health and Safety Update

Hello, Gen Con friends!

As we all know, tabletop gaming conventions and global pandemics do not play well together, so we’re super-excited to see COVID-19 case rates continue to drop in Indy and around the country and to see more and more venues and events opening up. While Zoom has been a good friend to tabletop, we’re happier when we see people getting back to the fun of gaming together in person.

Currently, the State of Indiana has no indoor masking requirement, and the governor has ended the Public Health Emergency. The CDC indicates that community transmission in the region is low and therefore masks are a matter of personal preference and risk. Many of you are asking if we will be dropping our own mask requirement for Gen Con Indy 2022.

While we are cheered by this current state of affairs, we have also learned the hard way that future virus surges are very unpredictable. We already see yet another new variant is emerging. Fortunately, early reports suggest that BA.2, the so-called “stealth variant” of Omicron, is unlikely to cause a large new spike in cases in the US but, like everyone else, we just don’t know what the summer holds in store.

Gen Con 2021 happened during the Delta wave of the virus and one thing we learned is that masking works. So, for now, our plan is to keep our 100% indoor mask mandate in place until we can be certain that we won’t be in the middle of another surge in infections when Gen Con Indy 2022 rolls around. From our point of view, the worst thing we can do is flip-flop, and if we’re going to make a change to our current masking policy, we only get one chance to do it, and now is definitely not the time. It’s still too early.

So, while we’d love to make a definite prediction about what August will look like based on the current situation, we also know that is just not realistic. When it comes to COVID-19, things change — often unexpectedly — and we need to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. We also know that vaccines continue to work, that the overwhelming majority of our attendees have chosen to be vaccinated, and that proof of vaccination will continue to be required for Gen Con Indy 2022.

If you have a valid medical exemption from vaccination, you will be allowed to attend with a doctor’s letter. Please show your paperwork at our Special Services desk onsite at the convention. It can be found at the Customer Service kiosk.

In addition to masking and vaccination requirements, everyone is required to abide by our general show policies which can be found on our website.

For now, get ready for the release of the event catalog in a few short weeks and the opening of event registration on May 15. If you haven’t purchased your badge yet, now is the time! We have a full exhibit hall, thousands of ticketed events lined up, the stadium is back in gamers’ hands where it belongs, and we’ve got plans for a 55th version of Gen Con that will be as big and bold as ever. We can’t wait to see you in August!

David Hoppe
David Hoppe

President at Gen Con