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Actoroke Comes to Gen Con TV

The Second Season of the Show That Makes RPGs Into Movies Starts March 16, Now on Gen Con TV!

In Actoroke we play RPGs, adapt the story created in the RPG into a script, cast actors to play the roles in the script, film them, and add music, narration, art, and sound effects to make a movie — all in two weeks!

In the RPG session, we stream roleplayers playing an RPG. During the Script Read, we stream actors reading and discussing the script. During Movie Night, we stream the movie version. From the story created at a game table to create a movie in two weeks! The next week, we begin the cycle anew. 

Actoroke streams Wednesdays at 6 pm, Pacific, on Gen Con TV beginning March 16, 2022.

The current season features Sarah Moore as the gamemaster; Javion Smith, Stefan Pokorny, Meagan Karimi-Naser, and Lexi the First as the roleplayers; Peter Adkison as the director; and Andy Dopieralski, Anne Carlton, Bernard Sintim, and Ingrid Sanai Buron as the lead actors.

Step One: RPG Session

In the RPG session, we livestream Game Master Sarah Moore DMing 5th Edition D&D with players Stefan Pokorny, Meagan Karimi-Naser, Lexi the First, and Javion Smith. The story created at this table will be adapted to a screenplay by Steve Conard for the script reading one week later.

Step Two: Script Read

In the Script Read, we stream Director Peter Adkison (that’s me!) collaborating with our cast of lead actors, Bernard Sintim, Andy Dopieralski, Anne Carlton, and Ingrid Sanai Buron, as they read and discuss the script created from the prior week’s RPG session. Filming begins immediately thereafter!

Step Three: Movie Night

During Movie Night, we watch the movie which we filmed and edited in just one week! After the movie, join us for Actorspokee, our sit-around-and-talk-about-the-movie segment with select cast and crew.

Watch the new season of Actoroke Wednesdays at 6 pm Pacific on Twitch!

Peter Adkison
Peter Adkison

Co-Owner and Chairperson of the Board