CMU Partner Post

Four Reasons to Take “Finding Your Niche”

Gen Con and CMU are back to give you a look at the upcoming course in applied tabletop game design, “Finding Your Niche: Expanding Your Skillset Across Five Different Gaming Genres.” Below, instructor and game designer Travis D. Hill gives four reasons to take “Finding Your Niche.” “Finding Your Niche: Expanding Your Skillset Across Five […]

CMU Interview Partner Post

Meet the Designer Behind the New CMU Course

Gen Con has partnered with CMU for another exciting virtual class, “Using Games to Teach: What You Can Convey Through Play.” Meet Liz Davidson, the designer and instructor behind the class. Teaching is my day job, but when I got a chance to teach a class as part of a collab between Gen Con and […]

Gaming News Partner Post

5 Reasons to Take Intermediate RPG Design with Eloy Lasanta

If you haven’t heard, Central Michigan University, in cooperation with Gen Con, started offering classes focusing on Applied Game Design. These six-week online courses make it easy to learn new game design techniques and pursue a new gaming passion, learning from RPG Industry Experts of all stripes.  The next and newest class begins on January […]