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What We’re Playing-Spooky Edition

With Gen Con 2023 behind us, we have asked a few of our favorite content creators and staff members what they are playing, spooky edition.

Elder Sign – Dani Kennedy

“Halloween is my favorite holiday, and absorbing anything spooky makes me so happy. I was introduced to Elder Sign back in 2014 and have loved it ever since. It’s usually an easy sell to my gaming group because it’s a co-op game and no one’s feelings will get hurt if we lose.

Set in the 1920s you and your friends are sent to explore a creepy museum with all kinds of occult artifacts. Watch your back though, because gates to the great beyond are starting to open up and creatures are starting to come through them. Will you and your friends survive? Roll some dice and find out!”

Dani is the social media manager for Gen Con, you can find her across all of our social channels keeping you up to date on all Gen Con information.

Disney Villainous – Prof. Walt

“What’s a better way to spend spooky season, than getting into the mindset of your favorite Disney Villain with Ravenburger’s Strategy Game, Villainous

With expansions reaching across many fan-favorite franchises, you turn into the villain racing others to complete a task exclusively for you in order to win. As Captain Hook you must defeat Peter Pan, as Hades you must take over Mount Olympus, etc… 

However, there will be obstacles in your way as you try to be the worst you can be. Other players are able to bring in pesky heroes and play cards of their own to hinder you from achieving your goal. Just as the box says, the worst takes it all! 

The game can be played 1-on-1 or in a group setting, the bigger the group, the more chaos (which in my opinion makes it more fun). They have also released Both Marvel and Star Wars expansions if you want villains from other universes as well!”

Want to see what else Prof. Walt has to offer the gaming space? Give him a follow here. Walt was a great help this Gen Con when he took over the Official TikTok of Gen Con.

Betrayal at House on the Hill – Sonja

“Every year when the leaves begin to change and we start spending more time indoors, my gaming group loves busting out Betrayal at House on the Hill. In this game, you start off working together to investigate a haunted house. Each room you explore could unlock the endgame. Whenever someone lands on an omen square, they must roll to see if the haunt is activated. As more omens are collected, it becomes increasingly easier to start the next phase of the game. This is where the real fun in Betrayal starts, as once the haunt is activated one of the players discovers they have secretly been the villain the whole time. Each group separates and reads the respective guides to determine their new goals. The villain player sets their plan into motion while everyone else works to stop them. 

The main thing I love about this game is that there are many different scenarios and we have yet to run into a repeat scenario with my gaming group. There are times when a board game can run stale after playing it so many times, but this has never been the case in Betrayal. That is why it is always a must-play in my gaming circle, especially around Halloween.”

Sonja is the lead content creator for This Geeky Life. Follow her for all things geeky. Sonja was a big help this year when she also took over the Official TikTok of Gen Con.

What is your go-to spooky game for this season? Tell us about it on X (formerly Twitter).