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Ask the Gamemaster: Part I

You asked, and Mike Boozer Answered

Mike Boozer, Gen Con’s Customer Service and Event Team Manager, and the revered GM of Series Three of Actoroke on Gen Con TV has all the answers to your most dire Dungeons & Dragons questions.

How do you get your players to do their homework?

Make things enticing enough that it keeps their interest. That way it’s something they want to investigate.

What’s a good monster combo? Something to really make my players s**t themselves.

I always like to mix it up with the “Arch-Enemy” party that they keep meeting and learn more and more about as they go. For example: The party has 4-6 members. They are all different character classes… and they’re Werewolves or Vampires, or Ogres. Or if they’re low-level Pixies, Imps or some other minor monster. But the classic Evil Dragon and their Wizard is always good!

What do you do if all your dice roll badly?

Get new dice!

One of my players is over-powered, how do I kill them off?

Well, I can think of many ways but I would prefer to see what is making them over-powered and try and go at it from that angle. Is it an item that has performed well until now? Then have it be cursed and do something to restore balance. Is it a min-max scenario? Then again place something at their disposal that reinstates game balance. I’m also not above them getting lots of monster attention, captured and stripped of items that make them too powerful. You can also just talk to your players about the imbalance and come to an amicable solution.

What do you do if a player character in your game has clearly become the bad guy?

If it’s as a player you need to speak to them about it. If it is character driven, there should be consequences for that. They can be alignment based if they have done an evil act and are good, for example. If they are neutral and are doing too much evil and not enough good then there’s that. For me personally, I do things in my campaign to have the other PC’s confront the situation without my input.

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