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June Health and Safety Update

Final Plans for Masking and Vaccination Requirements

With Gen Con just a few short months away, we want to update everyone and provide more information on how Gen Con is going to work this year with respect to vaccination and masking requirements. 

As announced previously, Gen Con Indy 2022 will implement mandatory mask-wearing in all Gen Con-controlled spaces. This means that any place you’re required to have a badge you’re required to wear a mask, including the exhibit hall, event halls, hotel ballrooms, conference rooms, and the stadium. Note that locations Gen Con does not directly control, such as hotel lobbies, hallways, connectors, restaurants, etc. will have their own policies and these are likely to be more lax. However, based on last year’s show we expect to see 99+% compliance, so be ready to do your part! 

To participate in Gen Con Indy this year you’ll also need to bring your proof of vaccination and government-issued ID to one of our vaccination check stations prior to entering any Gen Con space. You’ll receive a wristband which will be good for the duration of the show. If you need to replace your wristband you can do so at any time, but of course they are not transferrable. Everyone needs to have their own wristband and wear it in a visible location on your wrist. You will need to show your wristband along with your badge anytime you enter a Gen Con location. 

One additional request: While we’ve been planning for many months, implementing these policies is a new challenge for our team. We’ve built a solid plan and we expect the operation to be smooth as we’re following the best practices of several other conventions that have run successfully in the last several months with required vaccination checks. But! There could be unexpected hiccups, and we hope you’ll bear with us if the lines get long, or you have a little trouble navigating the process. We’re going to do our very best to make it as smooth as possible, and we’re all working towards the same goal of keeping everyone healthy. We recommend arriving early and getting your vax check out of the way so that you can enjoy the con, and remember, once you’ve received your wristband, you’re good for the entire weekend. 

The details and requirements of our health and safety policy are contained on our website. Please take a moment to read through the information so that you are prepared to both present your vaccination status and wear a mask as required. With everyone working together we can help keep Gen Con a safe place this year to celebrate The Best Four Days in Gaming™. Speaking for our entire crew, we can’t wait for August! 

*If you have a valid medical exemption from vaccination, you will be allowed to attend with a doctor’s letter and a negative COVID test from within 48 hours of arrival at the convention. Please show your paperwork at our Special Services desk onsite at the convention. It can be found at the Customer Service kiosk.

David Hoppe
David Hoppe

President at Gen Con