Q&A Spring Showcase

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

Our Q&A With Steamforged Games About the Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign We’ve landed in the New World, we’ve shouldered our crazy-looking weapons, we’re ready for a monster hunt. What happens next? What does the basic structure of gameplay look like? Working as a pair of hunters or as a party, you’ll venture out on quests made […]


Gen Con Online Cosplay Showcase

Featuring the Costume Contest Finalists, Winners, and other Entrants! For more info check out the Costume Contest page on our website!


The Team Behind the New Edition of 7 Wonders

Our Interview With Repos Production Studio About the New Edition of 7 Wonders What’s new for the new edition of 7 Wonders? We’ve performed a visual redesign of the cover, the cards, the Wonders, the insert: everything was redesigned! The rules have been entirely reformatted to make them more easily accessible to new players. And […]