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Genevieve’s Blue Adventure

As many of you know, Genevieve is no stranger to adventures. However, this one certainly had a… different shade of strange.

Recently, Genevieve decided it was time to make the lengthy flight across the sea to spend time with her friends.  Knowing the flight would be long, she decided she would ask a local wizard for help. The wizard was all too happy to help Genevieve and offered her a potion that moved through many different colors as it gently swayed within the vial.

“Be wary,” the wizard warned. “That potion will grant you an extra burst of stamina to help you complete your extended flight across the waters. However, it is made with… some wild and… possibly unpredictable magic.”

“Meaning?” Genevieve questioned.

“The burst of stamina is guaranteed,” the wizard explained. “Other results may… vary,” she ended with a shrug and a grin.

Undeterred, Genevieve thanked her magical friend and took flight.

Eventually, the Red Dragon began to tire. With nothing but roiling seas beneath her and a worrisome storm gathering strength in the air around her, she grabbed the potion, uncorked the vial, and downed the syrupy liquid. Within a moment, she felt the liquid course through her veins, giving her an incredible burst of energy the likes of which she had never experienced.

At the same moment, lightning from the now bellowing storm lashed toward Genevieve, striking her as the potion took effect. The electric shock buzzed all over her red scales on the surface while mixing with the unpredictable potion inside. For a moment, Genevieve began to fall, but, before she hit the waves, the Red Dragon threw open her wings and glided back into steady flight.

As she shook her head, attempting to shake away the momentary haze, she noticed something… unexpected. Her scales, once the crimson of a warm fire, were now the electric blue of a lightning storm.

Initially shocked, Genevieve simply smiled at her temporary makeover. This was certainly going to make for an interesting story for her friends!

Blue Genevieve Plushy
Electric Blue Genevieve Plush

Due to the temporary effects of the potion, Genevieve will only be blue for a short amount of time. During that window, you can grab your own Electric Blue Genevieve plush, from artist Heather V. Kreiter of My Little Demon. Starting August 3, you can get an Electric Blue Genevieve plush from the My Little Demon website, or on the Etsy shop for those in the UK. You will also be able to find the plush at Gen Con this year!

The My Little Demon website will have 200 available, while the Etsy shop will have 10, with 780 available for purchase at Gen Con Indy 2023.

How do you like Genevieve’s temporary new look? Let us know on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #BlueGen, and don’t hesitate to share with us your own art of the new Blue Dragon using the same hashtag.