Spring Showcase

Keepers of the Questar

A Brand-New 1 vs. 1 Dungeon Crawler from Upper Deck

Keepers of the Questar Box and Components

“At the heart of any adventure is a quest. There is a magic in pursuing a goal. The energy generated by the interplay of choice and circumstance is transformative. A quest is the thread that weaves events and scenes into a tale, and it is a tale that shapes a hero. Whatever the objective, a quest always leads to a sense of meaning.”

– Gordon LeVasseur, Designer of Keepers of the Questar 

Upper Deck introduces a brand new original 1 vs. 1 dungeon crawler, Keepers of the Questar. Explore a world, called Arbandy, where you can be both the leader of adventurers and a cunning Quest Master. In this game filled with magic and mayhem, you can design a quest full of dangerous monsters and clever traps, set out to navigate your rival’s quest and take your place among the elite adventures who have been honored with the mantle.

Keepers of the Questar box

The enigmatic Quest Masters bring excitement and mystery as you discover unrivaled treasure known as the Questar. The tale goes that not even mortal artistry can compare to the beauty of the Questar. Now, competing parties of adventurers have made it their life’s mission to take on the quest and become the Keepers of the Questar. You can embark on this journey to Arbandy and collect the Questar for yourself!  

Keepers of the Questar Logo

But watch out for hidden dangers that lurk within dungeons, filled with traps and monsters that are ready to destroy the adventurer! The traps and monsters will be exposed, but can you avoid them all?  

Will you be the next Keeper of the Questar?  

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