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Super Fantasy Brawl – New Champions, New Options

Nine New Character Options Coming to the Super Fantasy Brawl Kickstarter from Mythic Games

Announcing Super Fantasy Brawl Round 2

The Land of Fabulosa is still thirsty for the most spectacular brawl of all time, the Super Fantasy Brawl! (Check out our BGG product page here!) The recently fulfilled 2- or 4-player game by Mythic Games, which aspires to create a tournament season for its players in 2021, is coming back with even more Champions!

Super Fantasy Brawl, the fun and fast-paced arena brawler, presently features 15 Champions, from different eras and clans in Fabulosa’s history. Although those Champions cover a vast variety of powers and backgrounds, it seems that the Mythic Games team is not yet done with this game! This March, nine new Champions will hit Kickstarter, in the same format as Force of Nature:  three new expansion packs of three Champions each. Let’s check them out!

Expansion #1 — Radiant Authority

Box for Radiant Authority, an expanded set of characters for Super Fantasy Brawl

Their light and authority will cover the whole Arena! King Alistair, Khalize, and Sir Tentaclot are among the most noble of the Champions. Their might is great, but their authority in their era is even greater. Here they are:

King Alistair

King Alistair, a new Champion for Super Fantasy Brawl

Also known as Alistair the Blackhearted, the Scaled Tyrant was draconian in more than the nature of his rule. With strength and resilience beyond measure, King Alistair led a bloody coup of Candamar almost two centuries ago. A king inspires awe and wields power, and Alistair could be no different. His main characteristic is that on several occasions the other Champions in the battlefield fear him. Whether because of the pure damage he deals his opponents, or simply because of his presence, King Alistair provokes fear in his targets and allies alike. He is so plethoric, that enemies get stunned in his presence, and allies become fearless when he leads them.


High Priestess of the Khemaran Nation, Khalize served the Skylord, Akhet, with fervor and zeal, seeing him as the savior of her people. Khalize, the Will of the Heavens, was the first to detect the malign influence of Sulka’s sorcery and fought back against the naga’s vile powers with her own divine abilities. Khalize’s radiant power will cover the Champions in the Arena and grant her allies considerable strength. A clear support Champion, she focuses on enhancing her allies’ powers, whether by helping them position, healing them, or simply boosting their abilities. And her speed is quite formidable, allowing her to reach her teammates easily.

Sir Tentaclot

Radiating the authority of Arthurian times, Sir Tentaclot is an armored knight with the head and limbs of an octopus, his weapon of preference is a spiked coral mace. His presence is mesmerizing; from his armor featuring a swirling pattern that depicts his dizzying madness to his eyes inflicting various illusions and horrors. The Paladin of Madness carries himself around like a corrupt Arthurian knight. Whatever you would expect from this description you will see. Opponents fear him and his power is poisonous. Most importantly, his presence is so imposing that the Champions who face him cannot hold their position.

Detail of a hand holding an axe: Ready for Round 2

Expansion #2 — Hot Trick

Box art for Hot Trick, a set of expanded characters for Super Fantasy Brawl

Three tricksters are joining the roster of the Super Fantasy Brawl Champions: Jacques Le Beau, Nikkit, and Lil’Y. Originating from different periods, their main theme is that they perform well under very different, yet specific, circumstances. This doesn’t mean, however, that they are underpowered! Let’s look at them one by one:

Jacques Le Beau

Jacques le Beau, a new champion

The Jack of Hearts, a duelist Musketeer, comes from the same era as Gold’arr. With his rapier and his sword, he is one of the most chivalrous contestants in the Arena. His looks are deceiving, though. He looks like a clear DPS Champion, but he is smarter than that. He can perform way above your average Champion, that is, if everything goes according to his plan. Jacques is particularly good at utilizing his different cores to boost the effects of his cards. Manipulation and Destruction cards grant various bonuses, like increased armor, attack value or planning. He can also deal raw damage that surpasses armor, under specific circumstances.


A magnificently powerful monster enters the Arena, aiming to spread fear to the audience and Champions! But what is this? Don’t let its looks fool you. This monster is… three mischievous goblins! And of course, there is no other more fitting name for it than Nikkit the Sly. One of the main characteristics of Nikkit is that their powers are dependent on what you have in your discard pile. That might make them challenging to play at first, but they are no less a powerful Champion than the rest. Their attacks are all ranged towards a single target; however, they are very slow and heavy, though they don’t mind jumping around. Which makes sense, as the three little goblins cannot risk tripping on the big monster costume and revealing their identity. 


And what’s a trickster group without a thief? Not a petty, small, untalented one, but a Legendary one, that everyone would like in their party! That’s why Lil’y is here. Tiny as she is, she can easily escape her opponent’s sight, so you can find her in different places than you’d expect, making her a difficult target to attack, especially if she’s close to one of her allies. She is very nimble, as one would expect from a thief, and if positioned correctly, her pointy twin daggers can land a devastating attack!

Expansion #3 — Mental Might

Sometimes it’s not brute strength that will win a fight, it is the power of the mind. And these Champions are here to cover this need exactly! Make way for Izabella, Al’Ke,mi and Xinshen!


Izabella joins the fight promising that the wheels of fate will change, just the same way as the wheels of her wheelchair spin. She enters the Arena with her eyes covered, as she does not need her eyes to see neither what is nor what will be. After all, flatweavers are born with the power of seeing what others cannot. A true ally, Izabella will change the fate of your Champions at any given time. Whether it is positioning or power that you need, Izabella can grant it. If you need a hand with stunning your opponents, she can give you help. And it is all controlled with the power of her mind.  She’s not your usual Champion, standing in the Arena with pointy weapons. She will sit there, with her crystal ball in hand; but do not mistake her for weak.


You found a lamp, rubbed it, and now you have your own wishmaker! Only Al’ Kemi needs no lamp to live and can grant you more than 3 wishes, it’s in his nature. A one-of-a-kind Djinn Champion, the Wishmaker is a master of turning an enemy’s strength into a deadly weakness. With only one card that is a direct attack to enemy Champions, Al’Kemi is here to grant you other more tactical wishes. He can twist the events of a battle, if you ask him to do the planning, he can grant you eternal life if you use his healing ability, and he can destroy your opponents either by dealing direct damage to them, or by readying you for their Destruction.


Xinshen, a new Champion

Xinshén was once the most disruptive child of the Swiftsong Abbey. After losing her father during the Lo’Cai invasion, Xinshén and her mother joined the monastery as refugees. For many years, her internal anger at the world clouded Xinshén’s mind from finding her own truth: that she holds a unique connection to Fabulosa and is able to manipulate and commune with the forces of the world beyond the measure of any mortal being. The Kinetic Kitty is a psychic monk and needs no other weapons than her discipline and her fists. Agile as she is, you will find her Jumping, Forcing, Pushing, and Pulling opponents, either with her Panther reflexes, or with the power of her mind. Her attacks are scarce, but always well placed. Controlling time and space, you will find her a powerful addition to your team.

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These are the nine new Champions that Mythic Games is bringing on Kickstarter on March 9, 2021, along with everything else previously available in the original campaign! A lot of diversity, both in the champion backgrounds as well as their abilities and tactics, these three new expansions will add not only value, but also great variety and new options to your teams!

Until the campaign launches, make sure you follow Mythic Games for the online Tournaments of 2021, as well as their news on the game!