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Paizo Organized Play at Gen Con Online

Paizo Organized Play Manager Tonya Wolridge on What Paizo Has in Store for Gen Con Online

Paizo Organized Play is bringing lots of events to Gen Con Online — over 900 quests, scenarios, and special events, including quite a few world premieres! You can find a selection of items below, and the full catalog is available at

Pathfinder Society (second edition) debuts its second year of content at Gen Con Online: Year of Corruption’s Reach! Check out the first two scenarios: PFS #2-01: Citadel of Corruption and PFS# 2-02: Mountain of Sea and Sky. Furthermore, while the Pathfinder Society (second edition) special interactive event PFS #2-00: The King in Thorns scheduled for Saturday at 2:00 pm currently shows as sold out, we will be taking walk-ups to fill any no-shows to the event. Besides the launch of Year 2, we also have a large offering of scenarios from our first year, Year of the Open Road.

For those playing Pathfinder (first edition), we’ve scheduled some favorites from across the 10 Seasons of Pathfinder Society (first edition). Be sure to check the event description for which version of Pathfinder the event uses.

On the Starfinder Society side, we have the first two scenarios of Year 3: Year of Exploration’s Edge scheduled throughout the weekend as well as scenarios from prior years. Look for SFS #3-01: Crash Down and SFS #3-02: The Subterranean Safari in the Gen Con event catalog. We’ve also scheduled the debut of Stafinder Society’s interactive special, SFS #3-00: The Last Bite, which wraps the storyline of Year 2: Year of a Thousand Bites.

The Pathfinder Adventure Card Society premiers several new scenarios at Gen Con, including the first scenario in its Year 7: Year of Reborn Strife, along with a new Open Tournament. Our schedule features the interactive event PACS #6-99: Tyrant of the Harrow and sessions of prior-year scenarios.

You can visit for more information on how to get involved with Paizo Organized Play at Gen Con Online! Come join us for The Best 4 Days in Gaming!

Tonya Wolridge
Tonya Wolridge

Organized Play Manager at Paizo