Gen Con 2019 Make-A-Wish Recipient Drake Kiderlen on His Gen Con Memories

Eight Months After His Gen Con 2019 Adventure, We Check in With Drake to See How He’s Doing and What Games He’s Playing

Last year, we teamed up with Make-A-Wish to bring Drake Kiderlen of Troy, MO and his family to Indianapolis for an all-expenses-paid trip to Gen Con 2019. While battling a pineal parenchymal tumor, Drake made a wish to go to Gen Con, play D&D, and learn about new board games. He’s an incredible young man, a true fellow gamer, and we were honored to bring him to the show.

Drake, who celebrated his 13th birthday with us at the convention, threw the first roll of the dice at opening ceremonies, played D&D, built foam boffer weapons, and came home with a huge haul of new games. Eight months later, he’s in great spirits and health, and we wanted to check in to see how he’s doing and what he’s playing!

Drake making the first roll of the dice during opening ceremonies for Gen Con 2019

What was your favorite part about attending Gen Con last August? 

My favorite part about attending Gen Con last August was meeting everyone that wanted to meet me.

Drake’s #GenConHaul

What is your favorite game you brought home from Gen Con last year?

My favorite game that I brought home would be Munchkin.

Munchkin, published by Steve Jackson Games

What games have you been playing with your family recently?

Games that I have been playing with my family recently are Monopoly Fortnite.

What games are on your wish list right now?

I would have to say more of the Munchkin game expansions.

If you could be any character from a game, who would you be?

If I could be any character from a game it would be my D&D character Thokk.

Drake at Gen Con 2019

An update from Drake’s mom:

“He’s doing great, he’s moved on to 6-month scans due to no signs of regrowth. His labwork has been good except for some thyroid numbers being off, but we’ve gotten him started on some levothyroxine to even that out. This is a pretty normal side effect from having radiation near the pituitary gland.

Other than that, he’s got all the signs of being a regular teen, still rockin’ his A’s at school!”

Thanks to Drake and his family for the update!

Jackie Miserany
Jackie Miserany

PR & Advertising Manager at Gen Con