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Gen Con Staff Are Working (And Gaming) From Home #5

PR & Advertising Manager Jackie Miserany on Party Games for Sheltered-in-Place Adults (With Suggested Drink Pairings)

What’s up party people?! Jackie here, PR & Advertising Manager at Gen Con and party game enthusiast.

If you’re like me in California, you’ve been sheltering in place for what feels like forever and social distancing has you missing your friends (and former social life) like you wouldn’t believe. Maybe you’re looking for some adults-only fun after the kiddos go to bed. Or you need something new to spice up your Skype happy hours. Or perhaps you and your roommates have exhausted all the TikTok challenges and could use a new distraction.

Fear not, fellow former social butterflies, I’ve compiled a list of my tried and true quarantine-friendly party games to help pass the time, make some cheerful memories, and share a much-needed laugh with quarantine-mates and remote friends alike. So grab your favorite adult beverage, and please enjoy responsibly!


BUZZED, published by What Do You Meme?

Warning: this game can get stupid silly real quick. Like it says on the package, BUZZED will get you and your friends tipsy.

The gameplay is simple: take turns drawing a card from the top of the deck. When it’s your turn, read the card out loud and either you or the group will drink based on the prompt on the card, depending on what it is. Lather, rinse, repeat. Designed for three or more players, this game can easily be played on social platforms like Houseparty, FaceTime, Skype, etc. To modify for online social play, one host player with the deck of cards takes turns drawing a card for each player.

Suggested pairing: anything other than hard liquor, if you want to avoid a hangover the next day.

The Blockbuster Party Game

Blockbuster: The Movie Party Game, published by Big Potato

So you’ve finished Netflix. All of it. Your HBO free trial has expired. The theaters are closed. Well now’s the time to put your entertainment knowledge to the test with this totally rad 90s themed movie game for four or more players!

The gameplay is charades meets Jeopardy in a head-to-head showdown with hilarious challenges. In round one, challenge a player to a one-on-one showdown and shout out as many movies as you can before the time runs out. For round two, choose three classic films and race to describe, quote, and act them out for the rest of your team.

Suggested pairing: Zima, Boone’s Farm Wine Coolers, Crystal Pepsi and rum, or your favorite throwback libation.


CABO, published by Bezier Games

Spy, swap, and peek to find CABO, the elusive unicorn. My boyfriend and I love this simple, addictive, light bluffing card game. It works well for two players, but plays up to four.

BoardGameGeek describes it best:

  • Your goal in CABO is to minimize the total value of your cards, but you don’t know what all your cards are at the beginning of the game. By using certain powers to peek at your own cards, spy on your opponent’s cards, or swap a card with an opponent, you can try to minimize the value of your cards. When you think you have the lowest value, you can call “CABO” to end the round, but everyone else gets another turn. In the end, the player with the lowest total wins.

In my household, we add the drinking rule: if you call “CABO” and you don’t end up with the lowest hand, you take a shot.

Suggested pairing: Unicorn Shots, of course.

Honorable Mention

For even more boredom busters, these party games are great, too:

  • Codenames Duet: the two player version of the popular top secret co-op game. Suggested pairing: a proper secret agent martini — shaken, not stirred.
  • For The Girls: a made-for-laughs ladies night card game that can be easily modified for online play, with the host acting as deckmaster and scorekeeper. Suggested pairing: now’s the time to get creative! Mix up a new cocktail using the ingredients in your quarantine pantry.
For The Girls, published by What Do You Meme?

Hit us up on Twitter @Gen_Con and let us know your favorite party-from-a-distance games. And remember: always drink and game responsibly!

Cheers, and happy gaming!

* Recommendations are the opinion of individual staff members and do not reflect the official position of Gen Con LLC.

Jackie Miserany
Jackie Miserany

Public Relations & Advertising Manager at Gen Con