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Gen Con Staff Are Working (And Gaming) From Home #4

Customer Service Manager Mike Boozer on Playing D&D Remotely From His Hobbit Hole

Hello, Mike Boozer here from the Gen Con staff! I have been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1978, and like many of you, I’m not about to stop just because I’m staying home, so I’ve been playing remotely!

I run my own 3.5E campaign, and have developed my own world. That campaign is on hiatus right now, but I hope to get it online soon. In the meantime, I play in other RPG campaigns as well, including one run by Gen Con’s very own Peter Adkison.

Right now, I’m participating in a 5E game run by my good friend Gazza. I’m playing a High Elf Cleric of Lebelas Enoreth. Someone needed to play the cleric!

We’re using Roll20 as the platform and Zoom to communicate. For us, Zoom runs in a browser which makes it easier to use, faster to set up for the Dungeon Master, and easy for players to pick up. We use Zoom as it functions separately and makes it easy to communicate in case Roll20 goes down.

Roll20 is a virtual tabletop platform used to run a variety of roleplaying game systems

Playing online has been great for me since we have been quarantined in our hobbit holes! What are your tips for successfully running your RPG campaign remotely? Let us know on Twitter at @Gen_Con!

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Mike Boozer
Mike Boozer

Customer Service & Event Team Manager at Gen Con