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Games to Play During Social Distancing

One-Player, Two-Player, and Family-Friendly Games Recommended by Our Community

Here at Gen Con HQ in Seattle, we’ve all been working from home for two weeks and practicing social distancing. At least … I think it’s been two weeks. Time has become a loose concept.

If you’re anything like us, you still need to game during this time of crisis. Probably even more than usual. So last week, we asked for recommendations on social media. Here are suggestions for one-player, two-player, and family-friendly games you can play with your quarantine mates.

Everyone has their own way of coping.

Twilight Struggle

For two players who want to relieve tension by simulating the Cold War in a one-on-one strategy game with depth and replayability.


The perennial classic for two to five players. Laying tiles and placing meeples in the countryside of medieval southern France has never sounded so peaceful.

Fun fact: the term Meeple was coined during a game of Carcassonne.


For two players who want to take up competitive quilting without having to do any quilting. Use what you got and make something beautiful.

Sushi Go Party!

A family-sized expansion of the fast-paced card-drafting game for two to eight players. Watch out for non-gamer family members with a hidden competitive streak.

Choose Your Own Adventure: House of Danger

A light, nostalgic pulp adventure for a group or a solo player. Light and accessible enough to include the non-gamers in your household, and a fun and co-operative way to share a spooky adventure together.

Painting Minis

Just remember that you’re not alone.

If your work situation has changed and you’re experiencing more time spent indoors (God bless all you health care and grocery workers out there), one great way to use this time is to focus on learning a new skill! Painting miniatures is a fun and creative pursuit, either for its own sake or to spiffy up your army for your next minis game.

Want to get started painting minis? Check out Minis with the Murphs on Gen Con TV.

And these are just a few of the great recommendations we received! Let us know what you’re playing by hitting us up on Twitter at @Gen_Con.

Be well, take care of yourselves, and game on!

Jordan Augustine
Jordan Augustine

Content & Marketing Specialist at Gen Con