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Welcome to the official Gen Con blog! This new site will feature news about everything we’ve got going on — the convention, our Pop-Up Gen Con program, year-round streaming shows on Gen Con TV — plus lots of other fun features and information about tabletop gaming and geek culture!

Gen Con Returns to Indianapolis July 30 – August 2, 2020

We love our convention, we really do, and we look forward to it every summer, but we’re also gamers and nerds for the rest of the year, so in addition to handy guides on how to make the most of your Gen Con experience, we want to use this space to geek out about other stuff, too! We’ll have interviews, stories about tabletop gaming and convention memories, features about gaming history, and more! (Personally, I’m working on some fiction about Genevieve, because why work in this industry if you aren’t trying to add “Developed canonical lore for company dragon” to your LinkedIn?)

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Whether you’re brand-new to Gen Con and wondering what “Gen Con” even means (originally it was the “Lake Geneva Wargames Convention” but the Geneva Convention is already, you know, a thing) or you’re a grizzled veteran of untold seasons of convention adventures, we invite you to join us in our ongoing campaign to do that thing we do: bring gamers together to meet, celebrate, explore, feel accepted, and of course, play games.

Jordan Augustine
Jordan Augustine

Content & Marketing Specialist at Gen Con.